About Us

AK DESIGN's offers exceptional interior design solutions to both residential and commercial clients through its unique ideas for interior spaces. One look at our designs would tell you exactly what we stand for. Here’s in simple words how we work: We first ask, listen & learn from you, and then create, motivate and deliver our best services to you.

We specialize in introducing innovative products and concepts that are simply stunning and often outdo the industry standards. By favoring simplicity, clean lines and a modern blend of vintage and contemporary, all our concepts are unique and spectacular. We design our services and products on the concept of long term sustainability. We also believe in incorporating environmental friendly ways. Our company’s go-green initiative ensures that we use eco-friendly raw materials including ply/boards and painting materials.


We offer a comprehensive interior design services, like:

3D layouts

Our team uses high tech software to create 3D designs for your interiors. This allows you to foresee what the end product would look like way before the actual designing starts for the interiors.

Modular Kitchen

With our well-planned designing and furniture selection, we can turn normal kitchens into compact and stylish modern modular Kitchens. So, come and fulfill your dream with us and have a kitchen that can make you feel proud.

Living Room

Living room is the first interface to your home and this is where the first impressions about your home are formed. Plan well and let us help you have that living room to feel proud about. With our intricate living room interior designing services, you will be able to convert your ordinary living room into the extraordinary one that you can immediately fall in love with.

Bed room

Having a good night sleep is the key to good health, and hence it’s the bedroom that plays the key role. This is where you find the coziness and comfort to snuggle into the bed and sleep. We can help you turn your bedroom into a completely spectacular sanctuary in itself.

Dining Room

This room has to be special as this is where the whole family come together to have their meals. Talk to our experts and discover the dining room interior design ideas.

Closets & wardrobe

Get that stylish wardrobe, which can help in defining your home décor in a stylish and luxurious style. A well-designed wardrobe not only helps in keeping things organized, but also adds to the storage space. Give us a call and we will take you on a virtual tour to show how beautiful your dining room can be designed into.

Stylish toilets

Like never thought before, the idea of stylish toilets by the AK group would bring a pleasant surprise for many. Contact us today to know how we can help you built a stylish toilet in your house.

With the perfect combination of our assorted services, you can have a beautiful house and a stunning office. You can book a consultation with one of our experienced interior designers now. HAPPY LIVING!